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Rage Against Discrimination in Accountancy Recruitment

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Age Discrimination must be challenged – it is not cool!


Organisations that want to target younger candidates, whether because managers fear older candidates who might have more skills and abilities than themselves or because the organisation wants to impose hours and terms that it knows would not be acceptable to older candidates continue to discriminate in this way even three years after the legislation making this unlawful was introduced. 

These businesses use agencies to do their dirty work.  These agencies often have no other skill than to discriminate on behalf of their client.  This discrimination is not just on grounds of age but can include sex and race discrimination as well.  What do you think is meant by the requirement for “red brick university”; surely this is meant to exclude any candidate who was not born in the UK?  The staff of these organisations are merely sales people who have no accountancy background or training and who simply select candidates based on their age or perceived background to match their client’s discriminatory requirements.  This is no way to recruit finance staff!




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Rage against Discrimination in Accountancy Recruitment (Accountancy RADAR)


The fight to get the regulations applied in the Employment Tribunals

In November 2008 Ms Keane brought a case against several recruitment agencies who were using discriminatory advertising and what happened to her in the Employment Tribunal process demonstrates clearly that the Employment Tribunal consider that this legislation is there to be used only by younger people who believe they have been discriminated against and not by 50 year old women.

What we aim to do

Discrimination can be direct or indirect. An example of direct discrimination would be refusing to recruit someone over the age of 38. Indirect discrimination occurs where a work policy operates in such a way that people of a certain age are disadvantaged. So these recruitment agencies are guilty of both direct and indirect discrimination; indirect discrimination because their advertisements contain a provision, criterion or practice (in this case the stipulation that the applicant must be newly qualified); direct discrimination because when someone who is not newly qualified applies for one of these roles their application will be immediately binned.

1. Use this site to expose discrimination in accountancy recruitment

2. Try to get the Equality Commission to act against age discrimination

3. Educate recruiters and their clients to make sure that age discrimination stops now

4. Provide advice and help to people who are currently experiencing this kind of discrimination and practical help with fighting discrimination

Why do the financial recruitment agencies continue to discriminate? 

The age discrimination protection covers recruitment adverts, hiring, training opportunities, promotion, employment terms and conditions, and redundancy.