Accountancy RADAR

Age Discrimination is unlawful

Blatantly discriminatory words in advertisments.

Accountancy recruitment has traditionally been an area where age discrimination has been rife, “consultants” have been trained to believe that anyone who has not reached the position of Finance Director by 40 years of age is unemployable and their CV is simply binned without being considered for any position.
Most kinds of discrimination are now abhorrent in the eyes of society but in the case of age discrimination this is still considered to be cool.  Those with power and influence still benefit from the application of discriminatory practices and they will not give up this power without a fight.
The Employment Tribunal is one place where age discrimination is still tolerated and employment judges allow this practice to go unpunished.  The flimsiest of excuses are accepted to explain why a recruiter applied a discriminatory practice.  

Discrimination in recruitment occurs when someone is selected for a role not on the basis of skills or ability but on actual or percieved personal attributes.  Thus selecting candidates simply because they are "newly qualified" is age discriminatory

Discrimination is Rife in Accountancy Recruiment

Employment Tribunals unwilling to condem Discriminatory Advertising

Age discrimination is now banned by the EE(A)R2006 and since October 2006 it has been wrong to discriminate against a potential employee on grounds of age.  Yet age discrimination is still very much alive and widely practiced and like all discrimination this will not change until the people who benefit most from this discrimination are forced to change.  Age discrimination will continue so long as those with the power and influence still feel free to champion this unlawful practice.

Rage Against Discrimination in Accountancy Recruitment

It will be a surprise to no one to discover that Age Discrimination is still rife in accountancy recruitment.  This website is set up to tackle this type of age discrimination by exposing it and its perpetrators.  “Name and shame” may work where the legislation and the Employment Tribunal has failed. 

All workers—partners of firms, contract workers, employees—are protected.

Does the protection apply candidates for financial roles applying through recruitment agencies?

Age discrimination applies to younger as well as older workers. An employer cannot specify in a job advert that he is looking for applicants above or below a certain age, unless the post qualifies for one of the exceptions to age discrimination laws.