Accountancy RADAR

A time is coming when age discrimination will be as abhorrent as other types of discrimination

Rage Against Discrimination in Accountancy Recruitment

Austin Andrew are claiming costs of about £40k for themselves and they are joining with another 3 agencies to claim a total in excess of £110,000 in March 2010


Miss Keane made a genuine challenge to the Age Discrimination implied by the advertisments published by these companies.  These companies are now seeking to ruin Miss Keane financially


The following is an extract from a communication from Austin Andrew’s solicitors on 22 February 2008; it is clear from this letter that Austin Andrew’s knew that Miss Keane had withdrawn claims against other respondents without payment of monies. It was thus their responsibilty to ensure this barrister did not make untruthful claims:   

“Whilst I appreciate that you may feel aggrieved at the alleged treatment you have received form the Respondents named in your Employment Tribunal Claim, it is arguable you have issued these proceedings without much consideration of the merits of your claim.  I think that the fact that you have already withdrawn your claim against at least two of the named Respondents, and settled with a third, supports this argument.”



How then did the barrister who acted for them in this case make the claim that Miss Keane had received between 4-7k from 12 respondents.  Did the barrister himself made up the claim in his closing argument?

(xii) C (Miss Keane) is making money out of this litigasion. C has brought separate claims (in Central London and Watford) against 21 separate Respondents. C has been largely unrepresented in these proceedings and hence the cost to her is minimal. Although she claims she is litigating in order to take a stand against the industry, the fact she has made financial settlements with up to half the original parties suggests otherwise.

Unsurprisingly the big spenders came out the winners!


Austin Andrew's advertisement contained the following requirement;  "Qualifications : Newly qualified ACA...The ideal candidate will be a newly qualified ACA..."

Austin Andrew have joined Morgan McKinley, FSS Financial and Investigo in applying to the Senior Courts Cost Office, their case will be heard on 8 March 2010 at 9.30am .