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Big Co M have applied to the Senior Courts Cost Office, their case will be heard on 8 March 2010 at 9.30am . 



Big Co M’s advertisement contained the following requirement;  “Applicants must be newly qualified to 2 years post qualified..”

Age Discrimination is wrong, unlawful and damages lives


Commercial Analyst in Woking

Job summary

Salary: £46,000-£50,000

Location: Woking

Job Type: Permanent

Job ref: KR/GUI/Commcercial Analyst


Job Description

A newly created role within this global Retail organisation that will offer you a fantastic career. The role is commercially focused and you will be required to review & provide analysis of company sales.

This analytical role will require you to review and analyse weekly sales performance, broken down by store and region, consumer/ product trends & spending patterns, market changing issues and business drivers.

Personal Attributes

You’ll gain an insight to this growing company/business with certainly scope for career progression. You’ll ideally be Newly Qualified in CIMA/ACA. An outgoing and confident personality is essential. 

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Rage Against Discrimination in Accountancy Recruitment                                                 MORE>>


We know that Miss Keane made a genuine challenge to these discriminatory recruitment practices.  Miss Keane has been a long-time campaigner for Age Equality and has had a great deal of communication with the Equality Commission about this topic.  This costs claim will ruin her financially. 

We have received threatening letters and attempts to have our website taken down from the legal firm "EMW Picton Howell".  We say stopping Age Discrimination is too important for us to give in to this type of threat.


This role would suite a candidate coming out of practice, looking for a first move into commerce. Alternatively, you may be ACCA or CIMA finalist / newly qualified and looking to make a move into a large blue-chip environment.  - We say...large blue chip companies should know better than to ask for this kind of discriminatory criterion in thier advertisment

Jon Taylor, head of employment law at EMW Picton Howell, said that using phrases like "newly qualified" and "highly experienced" is resulting in an increasing number of claims from genuinely disgruntled applicants and "also sending out an open invitation to a new breed of serial litigators to try their luck".

Jon Taylor, head of employment law at EMW Picton Howell was working on the case for "Big Co M" and he was referring to Miss Keane when he made the comments below.  He knew at this stage that the barrister acting for him had wrongly accused Miss Keane of taking these claims to make money.  He also knew that Miss Keane was a genuine campaigner for equality for older accountancy candidates and we think he abused his position when he made these comments to the telegraph newspaper  and several other publications

This company continues to use discriminatory advertisments (we have checked with the Equality Commission who confirm that these are discriminatory criteria.

The implication is that Miss Keane and any other accountant who have challenged these recruiters on their use of "newly qualified" etc in advertising are serial litigators just trying to make money out of these innocent recruiters!